Change can be a Cause for Celebration for Enclosure Manufacturing Companies

Nearly just 6 months ago after 13 years of smoking, I decided to finally quit. I walked away form it like I am a cold turkey. To be honest and frank, it was not the easiest thing to do and it is the hardest thing I have ever done in life. Though before I tried, but it only lead to faulture because I was to weak to manage to continue quitting until the next day.

I guess, so to say my heart was not really into quitting. This time, I just have to trick myself – saying that I just was not going to smoke any day. And soon enough a month has lapsed, then two. I must admit that there has been a positive impact on the savings as well and it has been really nice. But I am still a shopping addict so I also get to spend the extra money that I have on my second love: SHOES.

With this in mind, last month I finally threw out the last stick of cigarette that I have hidden behind my bed. I stashed one stick in case my craving got too strong. I am more proud to say that I don’t have to cave into that one. Even if I was a bit torn on about throwing it away. Anyhow, I am on my way to recovery from addiction.

Also, companies are also striving to be better. There has been changes in their processes that lead them to having a vast improvement. The latest innovation they had was they begin sending invoices via email rather than having postal services.

Most often than not, the customer has the urge to call for a request for an invoice that is need to be paid. There have been several reasons why the invoice keeps on getting lost. The buyer keeps and documents the invoice as a proof of receipt and they keep forgetting to send a copy to the accounting.

However, accidentally the company stucked the receipt at the back of a piece of a mail that was supposed to be thrown out. The entire envelope including the invoice was also thrown out. Because of this, the mail carrier misreads the address and the invoice was unfortunately delivered to a different address.

In order to call for the request of the invoice totally delays the payment. As the customer potentially put the customer’s account on credit hold because of the lack of payment. This also leads to creating more work on the customer’s end who now in return has to take time to call. This also takes time for them go get the email over to the customer in a PDF form.

With this, we felt that this is a better and faster option. Needless to say that this process is also more efficient than having to mail the hard copies. In the near future, the company will be emailing the customers only to make sure that the accounts payable are documented in their system together with the right email address.