Significance of 2D and 3D Drawings for Designing Electronic Enclosures

Because both types of drawing & digital illustration pose their own unique benefits and other options available, there is no illustration greater than the other. Most of the design engineers fear that the 3D drawing might be too complex to understand and it can be really time consuming to produce. Therefore, engineers will lose the precious their precious time and will eventually lead to lost productivity. However, the fact that 3D drawings are originally created only shows that there is a demand for these kind of drawings and illustrations.

Because of the price it would take for a 3D software which is currently higher than any version of the 2D software products, several companies opted not to invest in this technology. This really sounds reasonable to keep a 2D illustration of the products. However, the customers, vendors or suppliers will not be able to utilize the drawings because they have not yet updated their software to its latest version.

In addition to this, PDF formating really works well for the majority of the customers together with the free download of Adobe software. Therefore, there is a small movement that aims and targets to finally remove this format. The PDF still comes with 2 dimensional drawing with only limited manipulation or editing capabilities, but this works just as good as the 2D AutoCAD files in some of the circumstances.

For example, while I am on my phone talking to a customer that looks for assistance with his drawings, I can just easily pull out the PDF file and read the dimension the customer might need. I do not have any AutoCAD experience or software on my desktop and just by using the PDF file that I have, there’s no need for me to have an additional software.

With this in mind, there are companies that gladly offers 2D and 3D drawings to their customers. Whatever they need, the companies can easily meet it. While the majority of the 2D drawings are already widely available online just recently, any type of digital illustrations and drawings that are not available to be downloaded can be sent via email. In addition to this, the 3D versions of the majority of the product line are available to be sent via email as well.

Soon enough, there will be a huge database of all the drawings together with the available options that can be downloaded anytime or anywhere – even from the manufacturers’ website. The customer does not need to have everything emailed to them, the drawings are already available 24 hours a day.