Trying to Expand the Curve: What are the Wall-Plug Plastic Electronic Enclosures?

Slowly but surely, I was starting to slowly do redecorating of my house. When I purchased my home, the fire place wall has a completely different color compared to other places in the room. The people before just wall papered one wall with other design or multi-colored paper the they just painted the rest of the place white. Early this year, I have recently bought a couch that did not exactly matched anything but regardless, it was very comfortable.

With this in mind, I tried buying curtains to try to tie and combine the colors of the carpet and the couch together. Did not worked out so I bought some pillows and a throw blanket to finally match the curtains. I have ended up with a very pretty and amazing combination and I just realized that somehow, the colors that I have picked finally matched the fireplace wall. Pretty slick, and wonderful if I say so myself.

Which is exactly why there is a company called plycase that has a GS series. Their PS wall plug in electronics enclosure series has been one of the most longest running series in their product history. The sturdy electronic wall-plug style electronics enclosures are widely available in several sizes and options, with both 2 plugs and grounded 3-plug versions. The PS series of their product was the only product that is available for a very long time.

Basing on their customers’ needs, they have finally decided that they would be adding a wall-plug in the line. We digitally played and improvised with the designs and other options until they came up with some of the perfect new series, tying in on all the greatest options of the Ps series. Together with a brand new color: bright white.

The GS series has a very good and sleek new curved design. This also allows for the plugs to be properly secured on the bottom part of the enclosure whilst adding a different style on the enclosure. The GS enclosures are now available in the 3plug grounded style together with the hold-down tab molded on. These are available in black or bright white, and the GS series is surely to become the long-standing hit as well.