What are the Best Proven Ways to Accessorize your Electronics Plastic Enclosure?

I remember, when my boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary, we went to a really nice dinner. Not only that, he also gave me the same card I got him together with a really nice candle – and his cold. I believe he transferred his virus to me because when I woke up Monday morning I already have a really bad wicked cough. Then, I decided to take medicine. What I needed the most are bread and milk and I believe at the time as long as I was going, I can just fill in my energy tank.

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In case you are wondering why I am sharing this with you. Because we now live in a very busy world, most of the time we don’t have the extra time to make unnecessary stops. Same thing with enclosure manufacturing companies. They have to have a good variation of enclosure products or else their customer will take an effort to find a company that offers majority – if possible all – enclosures that they badly needed. Companies should make an effort to be the one-stop-shop for enclosures.

With this in mind, here are the accessories you can use for your enclosures:

Mounting Boss Screws – these are the #4-24 x ¼ inch Hi/Lo Pan Head screws. Ask the enclosure company if this is available in their accessory product line. The screws are an optional accessory purchase and an effective way to securing the board unto the enclosure. Please be mindful that there are screws that may fit all standard mounting bosses.

Cable Glands – there is no better way to properly maintain the strict NEMA/IP rating on an electronics enclosure if the engineer has already drilled the holes for the necessary wirings that needs to go through the enclosure. The cable glands are created to have a seal existing around the wire to also help prevent water and moisture from creating an ingress inside the enclosure.Flange Kits – there are separate kits of this that can be easily attached to the NEMA enclosures that requires for the surface to be mounted. The WC, WP, and WA enclosures are carefully molded and created without flanges to make them flexible and versatile across all uses. The flange kits give them the utmost ability to be mounted on the surface. The kits also come with 4 flanges available in light or dark gray including the 4 screws that can be easily attached to the flanges on the enclosure.