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How to Properly and Rightfully Choose the Right Server Racks?

With today’s technology, the data centers including some of the server rooms can house a great amount of server rack cabinets. This in return works in organization of the IT equipment into a good assembly order in order to arrive at the most usable space and resources. The daily operation that involves the proper maintenance should heavily rely on the server rack choices since it can bring great impact on the reliability, serviceability and manageability of the network.

With this in mind, not all server racks are designed and created equal. In this article, we will walk you through some of the very important aspects of properly choosing the right server rack for you.

Usually made from aluminum or steel metal sheets, the framework and rails of the server rack is greatly capable of holding hundreds or thousands pounds’ worth of equipment. Today, the majority of the applications involving IT utilizes the 19-inch server equipment and racks. As for the width of the server rack (which in this case always stays the same) the depth and height of the server rack can greatly vary.

The server racks are originally designed to be able to hold all standard server rack 19-inch rack mountable equipment, as long as it is not too deep for the server rack cabinet. In addition to this, the server rack should be able to effectively hold some of the IT infrastructures and some of the rack accessories that greatly supports the operation of some of the production equipment. This includes some of the UPS systems, PDUs, cable managers, KVM switches, patch panels and also including the shelves.

In summary, there are two different types of server racks: these are the rack enclosures (or rack cabinets) and the ones with the open-frame racks. Basing on where these server racks are being used, open-frame racks and some of the rack enclosures are now being compartmentalized on the floor-standing server rack and including the wall-mount server rack. These are the characteristics of the wall-mount server rack

  1. It can have floor standing
  2. It can be wall mounted
  3. Rack Enclosure
  4. Open Frame

Some of its advantages are:

  1. It can be greatly utilized when trying to gain access to the control and equipment protection important to the company
  2. A very convenient way to economically organize and install the IT equipment.

Very ideal for housing the IT equipment inside the sites that has wide limited floor space. It can also be used as a home server rack.